Day 1 – March 23rd 2018

After driving around some to find a trail head with reasonably decent parking space, I finally started the hike from Aspradi along the road to Stradovuoni at 1:30PM. Going for approximately 1.5 hours, mostly on gravel yet some dirt roads and paved stretches, took me to Kornos picnic area where I could sit in the…Read more Day 1 – March 23rd 2018

Keto Hiker is becoming a reality!

Just under three weeks from now I start a hike that´s developed into a "N=1 scientific experiment", meaning we do a study of just one subject, me! I go into the north Swedish mountains for 4 weeks carrying all my provisions from start to be able to control nutrition and consume only ketogenic food. In…Read more Keto Hiker is becoming a reality!