Kalalau 2017, Day 1

This trail stretching along the Napali coast  on Kauai Hawaii is generally considered among the top 10 trails in the world regarding difficulty, danger and beauty.
the trailhead is located at Ke’e beach, right at the end of the road and the 1st mile lays out a beautiful uphill slope providing an excellent warm-up for the rest of the hike.
Just remember to stop at the quarter mile mark and looked back down for beautiful view of Ke’e beach and of the north shore of the island.
The first 2 miles of the trail are open to the public, then you need a permit to complete the other 9 miles all the way in to Kalalau beach and valley.
I first first heard about trailing 2013 during my first visit to Kauai and immediately knew that I had to hike a trail during my next visit in 2014 I did the first two miles leading to Hanakapi’ai beach and followed the trail of value to the  waterfall.
This, of course, did only deepen my desire to hike the trail in its entirety yet for the next trip in 2015 I failed to obtain a permit and so I was unable to do more than the beautiful first part once again.
Returning in late July 2016 I managed to get a permit for one night, at the end rendered unable to use due to massive amounts of rain brought in by the tropical storm Howard, finally in May 2017 I completed the 11 miles in and it was so worth the waiting.
Flying in from Stockholm, Sweden, the night before made me get onto the trail around 2 PM which made doing the total of 11 miles on one day a stretch, I therefore decided to stay one night at Hanakoa  and continue the last 5 miles on day 2.
Enjoy the videos and please let me know what you think!

The start:



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