Day 2 – July 25th, 2020

Camp at Kaskavagge

What a rough second day, I was stoked when I finally could get inside the safety cabin and dry out. I woke up early and took my time in the tent, looking out at about 7, the weather was ok and I wiped of the rainwater from the tent before making coffee and having a small breakfast.

Leaving just before 8:30, I was on the move for about 20min before I had to change into rain gear. From then on it was pretty much wet all the rest of the hike, and I’m so grateful I had the wind from behind.

Day two is always one of the most tiring days physically as the body is entirely unused to the effort. Today added the mental exhaustion from walking on wet on slippery rocks inside the clouds, at times only 20m (60ft) visibility. My original plan to reach Tarfala was obviously off – even with a company that tour would have been pretty sketchy, going the route by myself would have been outright irresponsible.

So I decided to go to the safety cabin Kaskavagge, and then decide further. I had to be meticulous about the orientation and stay a little higher on the hillside to avoid wetlands towards the center of the valley.

The weather was rather nasty and there wasn’t really anywhere to get out of the wind so when I reached Kaskavagge, first priority was to get dry, then have some food. Hours later I knew that I had gotten myself colder then I thought – it took several hours before I felt really warm again.

At the time I already had dinner as well and made the decision to stay and spend the night camping at the cabin.

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