Day 5 – August 1st 2017

07:00 Camp near the peak of Smallerienpass Turned out the weather forecast was right, which only makes me even more grateful for the fabulous evening I enjoyed in this place. Shorty after I slipped into my sleeping bag I heard drops starting to fall on the tent, continuing on and off all night I slept rather…Read more Day 5 – August 1st 2017

Day 4 – July 31st 2017

07:40 Camp near Cunojaure cabin Spent a really peaceful night here at the lake, naturally waking up several times during my more than nine hours in the sleeping bag and dreaming a lot, though nothing that sticks. Right now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with two spoons of PhatFibre to see what happens with…Read more Day 4 – July 31st 2017