Day 29 – August 30th, 2019

Camp at Kebnekaise station

Well, the rain came in hard during the night and was still falling when I woke up at 6 am, needless to say, I just turned around and went back to sleep. Next time I awakened at just after 8, it had stopped and I started my day with wiping rainwater off the tent for it to dry in the wind. Another brief shower had me repeat the procedure half an hour later, this time the weather was kind and I packed up everything more or less dry! The sky looked a lot friendlier and I started the hike wearing my normal hiking trousers, and never had to change into rain gear the whole day. Starting on the slight downhill slope towards Sälka and soon turning south on Kungsleden I moved rather rapidly on the well-traveled trail.

The view of the valley is always beautiful yet the erosion on the trail gets to me and for some time I was playing with the thought of taking a detour through Goubirvagge and over the pass down to Tarfala. Still a bit sore after the long stretch from Alesjaure to Nallo, I decided to be smart and do the easiest route. Still covering 26km, I really can’t pretend that it wasn’t strenuous enough, even if I could move pretty fast. The stretch is mostly rather flat with no major changes in elevation and the heavy rain during the night had added some water to the area, showing off some impressive waterfalls along the way.

Arriving at Keb station after just under 6 hours of hiking, I was lucky enough to get my favorite campsite high up on a small hill. Great views up and down the valley and a nice breeze helping to fight off condensation inside the tent. After a hot shower and a visit to the common room of the station, I returned to the tent and look forward to rest and lunch tomorrow!

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