Day 4 – July 27th, 2020

Camp at Vassaloamijavri

Pretty much slept through the entire night and woke up just before 6:45, feeling well-rested and pretty recovered from yesterday. The morning was super sweet, the sun was shining, light clouds blew across the sky by a mild wind. I enjoyed myself thoroughly in the stillness and serenity of the place and the moment, and was in no hurry to leave! Finally, after about three hours or so, I had my stuff packed and ready, leaving Unna Reitas behind once again.

My first stop was to be Nallo, and the hike down there was smooth and easy. Lots of snowfields mid-valley and wonderful weather.

Had to change for the river crossing when reaching the main trail between Nallo and Sälka, yet it was uncomplicated and due to the weather only pleasant!

Arriving in Nallo after about three hours, I stopped for some snacks and found some 100% cocoa powder in the leftovers department. Mixed with some of my cream powder and hot water, it served as a nice variation to my usual coffee or tea! The next stretch down to Vistas was so much more wet and muddy than usual, and the crossing almost had me change shoes, though I did make it across without getting wet!

Vistas is one of my favorite cabins, and I played with the thought to just raise the tent nearby and spend the night, yet I was really looking forward to camp at Vassaloamijavri again. And so, I just had a coffee with cabin host Tove, whom I met at the same cabin in 2017, and then move on.

The stretch up the mountainside is strenuous, and closing in on 25km this day didn’t make it any easier. I took my time, still had everything set up and ready before 7 pm, the cold wind and staggering amount of flying insects keeping me from taking a bath in the lake as I originally planned. It just has to be warmer than slightly above 10C for me to go swimming in a lake considerably colder than that!

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