Tour of 2018 – Day 5, July 31st 2018

Camp across from the large boulders in the middle of Vistasvagge
Great night at Vassajavri, woke up with morning sun and a light breeze and enjoyed a slow morning. Got started towards Vistas (one of the girls wanted to visit the shop) and got further delayed as I found service on top of Vassanjunnji ridge and got some messages sent.
The descent to Vistas was pleasant and without any challenges, we arrived at the cabin shortly after 12:30 and left over three hours later. The girls went down to the river for lunch, sunbathing and a dip, and I chatted with the cabin host and a couple of other guests while enjoying a cup of coffee!
Once back on the trail we all enjoyed the ease of the hike up the valley, the sun was shining and it was rather hot so we took it easy and made many short breaks for water.
Originally we aimed for the meadow right after the bridge over Moahrmannjohka yet made the decision to stop early at another beautiful place as the long stop in Vistas led to it already being 6:30 when we got there.
We enjoyed a very nice evening, bug-free due to the wind and a small campfire, and kept chatting for some time. Finally, around 10 pm we split up and went to our tents!

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Peace // Claes