Free Group Tour 2018

Hey, let me give You a treat here and invite You to join me on a tour free of charge!
Normally I charge from $197 to $497 per person ( to take people on a week long hike like this, and I cannot see that this freebie is going to be repeated any time soon.
If You followed my stuff for any length of time You know that I’m all about getting off the grid and away from the beaten track. So, while this tour is incredibly safe and still rather comfortable, You can expect to see parts of the mountain not many find by themselves and to meet very few people compared to following the major trails.
Important dates and locations:
  • July 27th PM depart Abisko Tourist Station
    Get there with SAS flight to Kiruna followed by bus/train, or with train from Stockholm
  • August 3rd return to Abisko
    Stay for a few days to explore the area or depart in the PM
We start from Abisko (along the E10 between Kiruna and Narvik) in the afternoon on July 27th, the hike takes us through one of the most famous valleys in Lapland, Lapporten, and we camp either in the valley itself of after entering Bessesvaggi. Continuing west on Saturday morning we cross the Aliseatnu and make our way up the valley towards Mårma, crossing the pass at 1640m (5380ft) on the next day. Camping one night at the Vistas cabin rewards us with the opportunity of cleaning up in the sauna and wash up some clothing of needed.
Needless to say, the view from that spot is just marvelous!
Now we continue north on the west side of Vistasvaggi using the less trafficked Unna Vistasvagge, with it´s fantabulous camp sites, to take us through to Alisvagge and passed Alesjaure. Briefly touching Kungsleden (the Kings trail) at the cabin in Alesjaure we soon after turn further west and explore a ridge with some beautiful lakes to camp at and very few visitors.
Starting the next day by staying on the ridge for a little longer takes us to the trail leading west towards Rovvidievva that takes us down into the birch forrest where we follow Kamajåkka to Abiskojaure.
This is where we part, leaving You with an easy 14km (9 mile) hike along Kungsleden back to Abisko while I head through Hoiganvagge towards Norway to stay out another good four weeks.
Now, You will receive an email course with everything You need to prepare for the tour when getting closer. Yet please let me give You a list of equipment right away.
Being outdoors is so much more enjoyable when You carry the right gear and I really want to grant You enough time to gather what You need.
Personal clothing:
  • Hiking trousers
  • Underwear, I recommend 3-4 pairs and wash them along the way
  • Socks, use liners and outer socks, 3-4 pairs each
  • T-shirts/shirts, 3-4
  • Long underwear, 1 set
  • Light fleece sweater
  • Warm wool, fleece or down sweater
  • Rain gear, jacket & trousers
  • Hat or cap
  • Gloves
  • Scarf or Buff
  • Light shoes for river crossing – I recommend Crocs as they dry very fast and double  well as camp slippers
Personal equipment:
  • Backpack, 60-75l with rain cover – Make sure You´ve tried it on (packed) and that it fits Your back comfortably
  • Sleeping bag – night temperatures are normally between 0 and +15 Celsius (32-59 F)
  • Mattress – I recommend inflatable with or w/out down filling
  • Camping stove – make sure it´s light and You know how it works, if You use gas be advised that the European standard is Lindal B188 valve
  • Tent – 3 seasons recommended, try to share a tent between 2-3 persons to save weight from Your packs
  • Knife – folded pocket knife is good
  • Cup or mug
  • Plate or bowl (eating directly out of the pot is a good option)
  • Spoon and/or fork (Plastic might break…)
  • Lighter or matches
  • Personal care products
  • Basic first aid – bandages, any medication You use, Compeed (for covering and healing of blisters), insect repellents, etc.

If You join the tour You´ll get all this information again as part of the 8 part email course that´s included to help You prepare for the tour!

Hope You take me up on the offer, there are 10 spots and 10 only, once they´re filled it´s too late!

Peace // Claes