Hike around Robberg outside Plettenberg Bay, ZA, January 5th, 2019

Totally recommend this hike around Robberg, my friend Jim did the shorter one by Witsand, while I rounded the entire peninsula.

The trail was mostly well marked and easy to both find and walk, stretches are rather steep and You need to take Your time, yet as long as You’re reasonably fit, You should be able to get around the longer trail. Just be forewarned that a few parts involve more or less climbing up and down rocks and hillside, and You need a certain degree of agility to manage those stretches.
Most of the first half runs along the top of the northern cliff ridge of the peninsula, opening up a stunning view of the bay with a beautiful beach stretching far towards the horizon and, of course, the city of Plettenberg Bay, in season overflowing with tourists and summer guests while more or less empty the rest of the year.

You will probably hear the sound of seals from the cliffs below and be able to view them from quite a few spots along the trail, just make sure to stay on the trail as I’m unsure about the conditions of the cliffs. The rock looks like it could be brittle!

At the halfway point You get a fantastic view of the Indian Ocean and will probably notice the contrast between the rather calm bay and the ocean to the west. The trail continues over rocks and cliffs closer to the shoreline, before turning back up the hillside and a stunning view of the coast to the west.

Gotta love the irony of, at some points, having to virtually use Your hands to scramble and climb up rocks and cliffs, and a little later walking on boards and down a wooden stairway. Personally, I don’t really get the thinking behind that…

Along the west side of Robberg, there’s a cabin for an overnight stay, a permit must be obtained ahead of time, and I have no idea how long in advanced the place is booked. Definitely gonna look into it for my next visit in this area. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing over the rocks must be just awesome!!!

Passing over a fantabulous sandy beach, the trail soon leads back up the hillside for quite some elevation on the way back to the ‘Gap’ and farther on to the parking area.

The signs at the trailhead recommend 4 hours for the round trip, I did it in just under 2 without hurrying through, and I think most people will find their true time somewhere in between. Just bring water and, unless You’re reasonably fat adapted, maybe some snacks, take Your time and enjoy the view and the adventure – it’s all good!

Let me know what You think and Peace be the Journey!!!

Much Love // Claes