Tour of 2018 – Day 10, August 5th 2018

For once I’m actually writing this sitting inside of a cabin, I just finished dinner and enjoy a cup of coffee and some 90% dark chocolate.
Got up this morning at quarter to 7 am after almost 11h in the sleeping bag, my body needed rest and it was raining in the early morning hours so no point in getting up early. As usual, tent got wiped off before I started my other morning routines and a good hour later all was dried out.
I left the campsite at 8:40 and started downhill towards the Gautelis dam and the gravel road on the other side that would take me to the trailhead for Skoaddajavre.
The sun showed itself just moments before I reached the dam and was an intermittent companion the entire day, making a great difference in temperature. It was rather chilly in the air, just over 10C (50F) midday, yet as soon as the sun came out it was very pleasant.
The hike from the gravel road to Skoaddajavre cabin was great, first a long stretch of moderate uphill, followed by more or less level with some tendencies to descent towards the cabin.
I had planned for a midday stop there and the weather was perfect and the cabin is located in such a beautiful place!
The afternoon started with a slight ascent to the most wonderful highland plateau, beautiful rock formations and a marvellous view of the surrounding higher mountains!
Descending includes about 260m of elevation that is brutally steep and hard on the legs, I’m stoked how well mine handled the challenge after what I put them through yesterday!
Now, there’s not much to say about the last stretch of the day… 14km (8.75 miles) of gravel road, fast to walk yet not very interesting. And there might be alternative ways going off trail over the mountains, this tour I just don’t have the time to go that route.
I have been planning to follow this part of the Nordkalottenleden for years and finally, I found a good window to do so. Some gravel in the process is a low price to pay, looking at the low water levels everywhere, the rest of the trail should be a blast!
Still, I have to admit, that 34km in a day is a little too much, even counting the ease of walking on gravel. I’m tired and my feet are pretty sore, it’s gonna be another early night and I’m happy that no one else is here in the cabin.

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Peace // Claes