Day 25 – August 21st 2017

07:00 Camp at Darfaljavri I woke up about half an hour ago and lingered in the sleeping bag for a little while, the morning is cold enough that I felt some resistance leaving the cozy warmth and get out into the day. The many days with rain and lacking the opportunity to really dry my…Read more Day 25 – August 21st 2017

Day 24 – August 20th 2017

10:20 Kebnekaise station Wow, what a breakfast!!! Waking up in time to be there at 06:00 when they opened was a non issue, I frankly didn't sleep very well or much at all. There was a heavy rain falling most of the night, the noice of drops falling on the tarp keeping me from getting…Read more Day 24 – August 20th 2017

Cabin Host Series – Tarfala 2017

Every cabin that is served by the Swedish Tourist Organization (STF) is hosted by one or more mountain cabin hosts working as volunteers to make you visit both safer and more pleasurable. The series introduces you to some of these "heroes of the mountains"! Meet Anders in Tarfala: The journey continues, please leave a comment…Read more Cabin Host Series – Tarfala 2017