Camp on the eastern slope of Gisuris
Back off the grid again!
After getting an interview for the cabin host series, I left Akka cabin at 10 am and headed down the Padjelanta trail towards Kisuris.
As usual, the trail was nice, soft and easy to walk!
About 1.5h into the hike I changed into rain gear and 30min later a really heavy and rather lengthy shower hit. Once that was over the wind picked up and soon my gear was all dry again!
Just about 1km before reaching the Kisuris cabin, there are two bridges right after each other and the trail leading south takes off almost immediately after crossing the first bridge. It’s really easy to find the right one, though there are several leading into the birch forest. Just follow the one that leads up in the ridge between the two rivers and You’re good!
The trail is unmarked yet well used and very easy to follow, after passing the Kisuris ‘kåta’ it turns fainter and one just needs chooses one’s own track!
I originally planned to go passed the kåta and actually didn’t make it too much farther before I found a nice place on the mountain side. As I didn’t sleep very well last night and the weather looked like more rain I decided to call it a day after just six hours of hiking.
After pitching the tent I made myself a cup of tea and that’s about when the rain started. And it hasn’t stopped yet…
Accompanied by a strong wind and even stronger gushes, it’s been pouring down heavily for the last 2.5h with no real end in sight.
Normally going for the view, I’m so glad I stayed lower on the mountain this time, still, my tent gets shaken more than ever before!
The temperature inside is just 10C (50F) and falling so it’s time to get into the sleeping bag for some reading before trying to go to sleep. I sure hope this storm passes by swiftly!

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Peace // Claes

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