Hey, let´s just face it – most hikes are done in climate or surroundings that require some kind of clothing and the circumstances of Your hike will determine exactly what You need to wear.

Though many day hikes can be performed in just about any leisure pants and shirts, I definitely recommend to invest in some dedicated hiking clothes for any longer hike and also use them for day hikes as everyday garment has a tendency to wear and tear enormously fast when put to the test of nature!

This article is more of a checklist for You to pack the stuff needed for a medium to longer hike. Please observe that You might to add special equipment for a winter hike, or if You plan to cross glaciers etc, and that some stuff can be left out on a hike in guaranteed warm and dry climate.

So here´s the list:

  • Hiking trousers
  • Underwear, I recommend 3-4 pairs and wash them along the way
  • Socks, use liners and outer socks, 3-4 pairs each
  • T-shirts/shirts, 3-4
  • Long underwear, 1 set
  • Light fleece sweater
  • Warm wool, fleece or down sweater
  • Rain gear, jacket & trousers
  • Hat or cap
  • Gloves
  • Scarf or Buff
  • Light shoes for river crossing – I recommend Crocs as they dry very fast and double  well as camp slippers

Though I cannot recommend specific brands, due to variation in availability and the shear amount of producers, I would definitely ask You to get the most high end stuff that fits Your budget.
Outdoor clothing is normally very sturdy and, with the right care, serves You for years ot come unless You´re out in really rough conditions.
It´s definitely worth paying a little extra for the real quality stuff!

That said, I apply two principles myself to keep the costs down a bit (good equipment can be ridiculously pricy):

  1. Always shop new stuff before You need it (when You find it at a good price)
  2. Always go for the sales, buy summer stuff at the sale in fall and winter stuff in spring. You might not always get the “color of the season”, yet 30-70% off gives You a lot of bang for Your bucks

Planning You purchases can save quite a bit of money long term, and allow You to get quality that lasts and saves You even more. So don´t just go out there and buy everything at once, ok?

Thank You so much for checking out my blog, please share this with friends and loved ones who might benefit or be interested!

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Peace // Claes