Hike of 2016 – Day 3

2016-08-21 12.18.16
Got of to a late start, lots of rain during the night and early morning led me to hang out at the cabin while the tent dried in the wind and I didn’t get going until 11:30.
Smooth hike past Cunojaure and, as always, I threw a longing look at the nice sandy beach on the eastern shore of the lake. Having walked past it a dozen or more times I’m still to camp on it some day!

At the Cunojaure ca2016-08-21 13.47.58bin I finally left the trail we followed last year with a feeling of symbolic relief, surprisingly strong, and headed up Oullavagge towards Hunddalen.
Easy hike, slightly uphill though not strenuous in any way, weather was friendly and I met a few people heading south on the trail. Just be short to check Your footing on Norwegian bridges…


The small cabin 3/4 up the valley was occupied by a young Swedish couple I first met in Unna Allakas the night before and I stopped to have dinner inside as it was getting time for that and the wind was getting cold outside.
Really enjoyed the conversation that went from mountains and hiking to philosophy and personal development and back again.
Left the cabin at 19:30 to find a spot a further up were Oullavagge opens into the next valley. 90min later I had an awesome learning experience after putting up the tent with an almost insanely beautiful view and starting to make tea.
Packing my stuff after dinner while still continuing the conversation, I had forgotten the bag with tea and the snacks for 3-4 days…
I Sweden we have an old saying: “What you don’t have in mind you got to have in your legs”
That was as true as ever this evening and without any further delay I doubled back and I can’t say what was more surprising… The easy with which I did the 4km back and forth after the 23km hike, or the fact that I spontaneously started laughing as I imagined how funny the whole situation would seem in days to come.
Anyway, I made it back just after dark, got my tea and dived into my sleeping bag ?

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Peace // Claes