Hike of 2016 – Day 11

On of these mornings when it seemed perfectly right and appropriate to just refuse getting out of the sleeping bag. The hard wind continued throughout the night and my sleep got really impaired. Hadn't I already know that the tent could take some beating the last doubts would have been removed after this night. As…Read more Hike of 2016 – Day 11

Hike of 2016 – Day 10

Woke up early and observed that the rain must have stopped sometime during the night, my tent had dried nicely in the wind and for a change I got out right away and got everything down and inside while it was dry. Perfect timing, carrying the last load down to the cabin I could feel…Read more Hike of 2016 – Day 10

Cabin Host Series, Part IV: Abiskojaure

Every cabin that is served by the Swedish Tourist Organization (STF) is hosted by one or more mountain cabin hosts working as volunteers to make you visit both safer and more pleasurable. The series introduces you to some of these "heroes of the mountains"! Meet Bosse in Alesjaure: The journey continues, please leave a comment…Read more Cabin Host Series, Part IV: Abiskojaure

Hike of 2016 – Day 5

Woke up just before 7am in a very moist tent, happy for all the condensation been caught on the outer tarp leaving the interior of the tent almost completely dry. Looking outside I got confirmed on what I already suspected, I'd been sleeping in a cloud and it was still there... Visibility even lower than…Read more Hike of 2016 – Day 5