Hike of 2016 – Day 5

Woke up just before 7am in a very moist tent, happy for all the condensation been caught on the outer tarp leaving the interior of the tent almost completely dry. Looking outside I got confirmed on what I already suspected, I’d been sleeping in a cloud and it was still there…
Visibility even lower than in the evening I decided on a lazy morning waiting for the clouds to lift, drifting from sleep into a meditative state and back several times was immensely enjoyable and relaxing and made the hours pass quickly. As nothing had changed at noon I made the decision to break camp and hike back down to Hunddalshytta and get everything dried up.

Hike was slow, first due to the mist and low visibility, later just because I was weary. So grateful that I followed my intuition and did not get caught up in the pass with these conditions.
Approaching the cabin I crossed the river at the closest point that looked possible instead of doing the extra 3km total to get back and forth to the marked crossing. With the cabin so close I didn’t change and so got some water splashing into the boots, no problem when they can dry inside. Had this crossing been anywhere else but right next to a hut, my Crocs had been on dutimg_4493y.
Upon arrival I met a elderly Swedish couple, Cajsa & Sören, still going strong while approaching their
70’s. Just love to see people continue doing what they love doing instead of blaming age!There can be such a big difference between biological and chronological age.
After kindling a fire in the stove of the mail cabin and putting my gear to dry I went down to the river and raised the tent, there’s nothing like some wind to dry a tented long as it’s not raining!
Coming back to the cabin I meet three seriously soaked guys from the university of Uolo, Finland, being part of a much larger group of 30 people, on their yearly summer hike.
After drying their stuff they wanted to continue and I gave them a few tips on where to proceed, actually pretty happy being left to my own company again.
The cabin is comfortable and build in a truly beautiful spot where two valleys meet and with the clouds finally lifting the view was spectacular. I was playing with the thought to get back up to Leirvatnet and continue over the pass to Lossi next day, knowing it was a bad idea and not going to happen as I thought of it. My right Achilles’ tendon was just not up to that, clearly inflamed though without any dysfunction. Meening that as long as I could manage the pain walking should be no issue.

After dinner and a pleasant and interesting chat with the couple I retired to my tent and fell asleep almost immediately again. The feeling of weariness that had been with me for the last two days would turn out to be a more faithful than welcome companion.
img_4483 img_4485 img_4487

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Peace // Claes

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