Hike of 2016 – Day 6

Waking up early img_4489with just a little bit of dew on the tent I stayed in the sleeping bag reading and just relaxing for some time enjoying the comforting sound from the river close by. What an awesome way to start a day, meditating to the sound of a natural stream with nothing to interrupt the peacefulness of nature.
Walked up to the cabin and checked my stuff around 8AM and everything was perfectly dry, even the boots. I just love to have changed back to plain boots without the Gore-Tex lining.
Not really hungry so I had a few cups of coffee with lots of water, got everything packed and started the hike around 9:30.
It did not take a lot of walking before the right Achilles tendon started throbbing again, I had checked it the night before and it is definitely swollen with some inflammation going on between tendon and sheet. Good news are that it´s only the pressure from the shoe that inflicts pain, working the muscles and tendon during the hike does not make it worse in any way.
After a short time I catch up with the Swedish couple and it turns out that Sören could give me a piece of his seat pad to put between the socks and relieve some of the pressure on the heel. This turns out to work really well and I continue to the small cabin where I find a sunny spot with protection from the wind and have a small snack with a few cups of tea.
Another group from the university of Oulo arrive during my break and we have a nice chat, it turns out that everyone of their groups have one or two rather experienced member while the rest are pretty much rookies enjoying themselves on there first real mountain hike.
I´m impressed by how they organize their hiking trips several times per year, imagine this would be appropriated by other educational facilities. What extra value for the students!
Second part of the hike is mostly down hill and very comfortable, I make the decision to finally get to spend a night at the beach of Cunojaure and only stop for some photos and brief water breaks.
Arriving at the beach 18:30 I can wash in the lake enjoying the last rays of the sun before it seems to disappear behind the mountains in the north west. Amazing suset!!!
img_4506Camp is set in a few minutes and I light a small camp fire to fend myself from a small number of mosquitos appearing from the water ponds and bushes near the lake.
img_4524Dinner, tea, some writing and reading and I´m ready for retiring to my tent falling asleep almost immediately on the comfortable bed of sand in the peaceful surroundings.

The journey continues, please leave a comment to tell me what You think and share this with friends and loved ones who might benefit or be interested!

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Peace // Claes

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2 thoughts on “Hike of 2016 – Day 6

  1. Evening Claes,

    Wow……sooo beatiful pictures…..nature…..and especially Cunojaure!!
    Takes my breath away…..

    I get qurious when and how many….what kind of small group/groups you may be guiding? ; )

    I wish you a countinous beautiful enyojable good hike!
    Take care and be safe

    All the best


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